WeMN is excited to learn about and promote your business. We have several sponsorship opportunities at our many events throughout the year. Whether you want to take the main spotlight and talk about what you do, to providing a part of our quarterly event, we want to help promote you.

There is certainly an amazing transformational story behind every woman entrepreneur. But the numbers also speak volumes for WeMN. To date, more than 500 women have participated in the WeMN mentoring program. This innovating mentoring program launched by a nonprofit women entrepreneurs group and its transformational impact is now well-recognized by many. More than 3,000 women entrepreneurs have enjoyed the benefits of membership, monthly events, peer advisory sessions, and WeMN conferences.

As an early pioneer in the Twin Cities, WeMN is the only network who caters to women transitioning from corporate into entrepreneurial roles, sole proprietorship and small enterprises. And, in fact, this is exactly where women entrepreneurs can use most support and also the very reason WeMN membership and events are sensibly priced to offer everyone access to all available benefits.

To deliver on the mission, WeMN is looking for sponsors and strong community leaders who believe in the importance and are ready to make a difference to women entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level. In return, WeMN is committed to a true partnership providing sponsors with the utmost recognition for leadership and promotion of their businesses to our members and community. And because we understand that there isn’t a size that fits all, we offer different sponsorship levels ranging from a single event sponsorship to annual sponsorship of the WeMN Mentoring program, a marquee program with our members and well recognized in the larger Twin Cities women entrepreneur community.

In addition, sponsors receive a complimentary WeMN membership that can be given to women in their organizations to further contribute to their businesses growth.

WeMN sponsorship is a win-win opportunity! For more information, please contact Desiree Jacobson, Director of Business Development

Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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